The Company

A Company for Virtual Knowledge Graphs

Ontopic develops innovative products and services in the field of data management based on the emerging technology of Virtual Knowledge Graphs (VKG). Ontopic's scientists are part of a larger group of researchers that developed the theoretical foundations of VKG.

The Team

Experts in Data Integration and Data Access

Diego Calvanese

Ideator and Co-Founder

Diego is a full professor at the Faculty of Computer Science at unibz and well known for his scientific contributions in knowledge representation and reasoning in AI, and database theory. Diego is one of the inventors of VKG approach and the initiator of Ontop.
Within Ontopic he is a strategic and scientific advisor of the board.

Benjamin Cogrel

President, CTO and Co-Founder

Benjamin is a former researcher at the Faculty of Computer Science at unibz where he worked on virtual knowledge graphs. He is a core developer of Ontop.
Within Ontopic he is the President of the company and CTO.

Guohui Xiao

Chief Scientist and Co-Founder

Guohui is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Computer Science at unibz. His main research interests are knowledge representation, description logics, semantic web, database theory and virtual knowledge graphs. Guohui is the leader of the Ontop development team.
Within Ontopic he covers the position of Chief Scientist.

Peter Hopfgartner

CEO and Co-Founder

Peter has a formal training as a physicist and has a long experience in the software business.
He mainly worked in the field of Geographical Information Systems, Industrial Automation and Statistical Process Control.
Before joining Ontopic he was a project manager at unibz.
Peter is the CEO of Ontopic.

Marco Montali

Scientific Advisor and Co-Founder

Marco is an associate professor at the Faculty of Computer Science at unibz and his research interests are techniques based on artificial intelligence, logic, and formal methods for the intelligent management of business processes and data.