Seamlessly Integrated Data

Combine different heterogeneous databases into one consistent virtual graph

Data is at the heart of any modern organization. Still, all too often, data is fragmented over multiple heterogeneous weakly connected databases. With Virtual Knowledge Graph technology these data pools can be integrated to one consistent and easy to access companywide Knowledge Graph.

Protect your Investments

Add graph technology to your existing databases

Virtual Knowledge Graph technology enables access to existing database systems with state of the art query tools. Your specialists, your data analysts, your marketing experts, your researchers can access your data with contemporary expressive graph technology. And all, without changing your IT landscape.

The Technology

Virtual Knowledge Graphs

Virtual Data Integration defeats the need for brittle ETL scripts, avoiding unwanted redundancy and latency. Powerful semantic modeling makes it easy to bridge subtle differences in heterogenous data models, giving place to a consistent and robust data integration. A thin layer translates highly expressive queries to the Knowledge Graph into native database queries, which are run directly on the existing databases. Thanks to many optimizations, this happens at incredible speed, as is documented in a large number of scientific publications.

Products and Services

Data Integration and Data Access

We focus on:

Open Source

The engine itself, Ontop, is open source and will always be. No vendor lock-in, no stellar software cost and a welcoming community.